If you want to live life at a higher frequency, this course is for you! Gratitude is key in shifting your energy and how you view the world around you

Course Summary

 The Gratitude section of The Empowered Woman course set will help you to step more into one of highest frequency energies, gratitude, every single day. Gratitude is key in shifting the way you view the world around you. If you want to live your life at a higher frequency, this section is for you.

  After completing this course, you will be left with…
✨ Discovery and an awareness of when and how gratitude will serve you
✨ The ability to stop judging yourself and live in your true power
✨ A personal inventory of your “gratitude attitude”
✨ A new view and perspective of your daily life  

Note: This course was previously done live in a group setting and the lesson has been pre recorded. Which is why you get it at such a great price! We hope that the interactions of the other women who have previously taken the course will give you valuable insights and other perspectives in order to help you along your journey toward gratitude.  

Course Curriculum

Christi Diamond

Christi Turley Diamond B.S., M.Ed.

Author, Grief & Loss Recovery Specialist, Energy Healing Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Creator of the Aroma Heal Method, ​Speaker, and is a Director at Marriage Boot Camp along with her educational background and degrees has a plethora of knowledge and experience. 

Christi has worked with hundreds of women to assist them in conquering the effects of grief, trauma, and loss. She has travelled the country doing book tours, speaking and teaching healing techniques to audiences everywhere.  She worked as a Victim Services Specialist for Mothers Against Drunk Driving and spoke professionally on their behalf at many events and in the media. She is passionate about helping women be intentional in designing the life and marriage they want. She is a trauma informed healer and is exquisitely intuitive. She lives on a beautiful plot of land with a retreat center called ‘Healing Acres’ where she facilitates women’s retreats and does exclusive couples intensives alongside her husband and soulmate Rick Diamond.

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